Seven Innings (English Edition) por Emily DeAngelis

Seven Innings (English Edition) por Emily DeAngelis
Titulo del libro : Seven Innings (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 19, 2017
Autor : Emily DeAngelis
Número de páginas : 72

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Emily DeAngelis con Seven Innings (English Edition)

Seven Innings is a refreshing look at the sport of softball told by Emily DeAngelis. Emily is not an Olympian or a champion, but an average retired college softball player who loved the sport so much she wrote a book about it. Her insightful writing expresses what it is to be a softball player, but also a regular, relatable person. This book is filled with experiences, tips, and laughs for softball players of all ages. Seven Innings covers various performance enhancing tactics of softball, what to expect in your career, and how to cope when it’s over. Emily’s goofy and honest writing style will keep you hooked until the end.